Wednesday, 1 April 2015

March Reviews from The Model Factory

The Model Factory Reviews

Welcome to The Model Factory Reviews blog. When someone decides to be a model, whether they are male or female, the same problems seem to always arise. Aspiring models don't know the best ways to get themselves noticed, where to put their time and energy, or who to turn to for advice on the next steps to take. 
The Model Factory Reviews
The Model Factory
This is where The Model Factory come in. With our select team of modeling consultants, agents and studios we help dozens of men and women, young and old, to take their first steps towards becoming working models. The definition of a professional model is a person who makes the majority of their income from modeling jobs. Unfortunately the number of people who can honestly say that this is the case are relatively few, but many people have modeling as an additional source of income; perhaps doing 1 or 2 well paid days a month. Here is what John said about his time with The Model Factory.

Hey! I'm really happy you wrote. Basically, since I left The Model Factory I've felt really on top of things. I took your advice about treating my self as a business and things have fallen into place a lot better than I had hoped. Last month I had one job, this month coming I've got 2 lined up. These aren't through an agency but I'm also considering joining one if I really feel that it's worthwhile. I seem to be pretty good at finding my own work! Will keep in touch. Best. John

If you want to find out more about The Model Factory and how we can help you, talk to us today for free by filling out the short application on our website. Watch this video to hear more about who we are and what we do.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

The Model Factory: Getting Shortlisted

Getting Shortlisted

If you've recently been to a model casting or audition, you will have noticed that there were far more models there than needed for the job. The atmosphere will have been one of competition, as each model wonders where they stand and whether they will be among the lucky ones to be called back. The common line that you will hear is, "Don't call us, we'll call you." This might be disheartening, but they do mean it, and they might call. If 50 models started calling the next day to find out who got the job, you can imagine the strain this would put on any agency, no matter how many phones they have!

"Guys I'm a bit worried. The casting director seemed to give me a good response but hasn't called me back and the job is supposed to be next week. Should I pester them or just forget about it?"

the model factory
Help and Advice from The Model Factory
There are three outcomes after a casting. Either they won't call you, they will call you in for a second round, or they will hand you the assignment. While you are waiting to hear back, if you know when the actual shoot is to be held, do your best to keep it open in your diary. If it gets too close, perhaps 2-3 weeks away, and you have other priorities, it's not a bad idea to forget about getting a call. Keeping dates open for jobs you don't know will materialise can be upsetting when you're at a loose end on shoot day, and you know some of the others from the casting are excited and working. Keeping positive can be difficult after a few occasions where the call never came, but it's not too hard to keep momentum in The Model Factory's experience.

Whenever the blues start to strike, boost your energy levels by getting out of the house and going somewhere you've never been. If you live in London there are countless free-entry galleries and attractions that, as a native, we often consider to be only for the tourists. Find out more about The Model Factory in the video below. Read other reviews from our models on The Model Factory Reviews blog. 

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Model Factory Reviews

The Model Factory Reviews

The Model Factory are based in Manchester, with strong connections to photography studios and modelling agencies all around the country. We are not a modelling agency, but offer help to those who want to become models. We know how difficult it can be as a young person wanting to become a model and built our company around this knowledge in the hope that we can be a part of your success. 

The Model Factory

Here is a recent email we got from Ada who spent six months with us on our Organic Track - find out more about The Model Factory packages on our website.

Dear Shona

I wanted to say thank you, properly, for your help in the last few months. I found out yesterday that I've been shortlisted by a major agency, and have a group casting in London in mid February. From what I've heard, they're looking for my type - tall slim and small busted. I don't know if these things are photoshopped sometimes, but I'm really hoping my green eyes seal the deal! I know they will... :P

Take care then and speak soon maybe, i'll pop in when i'm up your way!

Find out more about other models who The Model Factory have helped avoid the pitfalls of modelling by giving impartial, genuine advice on our other blogs by viewing this blog from The Model Factory. Additionally, find us on Facebook to see more about what the Model Factory are up to and who's goin places!